Our Mission

Holistically, support women who suffer with addictions; who are pregnant or have lost custody of their children due to addictions to ensure family stability.

Our Purpose

  • My Chosen People is designed to help women who are pregnant and have Substance Use
    Disorder (SUD) issues.
  • A residential skilled ministry for pregnant women to stay for recovery and be able to
    deliver healthy infants.
  • To assist women that were incarcerated to regain their children back and restore their lives
    for future endurance.
  • To make sure that women will receive their education if needed (HSD class on site).
  • Provide parenting skills development, health maintenance, substance use disorder
    treatment, group therapy, mental health services, budgeting sessions, management for
    family resources, nutritional knowledge, problem solving skills, work ethics development,
    job search training skills/intern program, Dress for Success Sessions, conflict management,
    HSD class, outreach services and life skills training.